Hi, Guilherme here and this is a special mailing list that’s exclusive for those who want to learn how to make their own Game Engines from Scratch and finally be free do to whatever games they want and even use this knowledge to get a Dream Game Dev job

I can say that because I’ve been making games since 2009 and for the past 6 years I focus on Game Engine development and this knowledge alone was KEY for me to get a Senior level job in the Video Game industry.

So game engine making is more than just a knowledge and fun project: it’s an actual opportunity for those who want to mastery the Game Development world. That’s why I decided to put so much effort to make the most complete and straight forward course on the subject that I ever heard off.

I’ll guide you tought the entire GE making process in a way that you’ll not only understand the fundaments and architectural challenges, but be able to expand it and write it to your own personal needs and tastes. All that in the most straight forward possible way so you’ll not be wasting your precious time.

If you don’t want to miss this opportunity, I’ll leave the waiting list subscription form bellow, so you’ll be able to get notified once I open the first class for this course (and even get a chance to join it with an extra discount). And don’t worry: I’ll not be sending you junk mail. 

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