Create amazing games with UPBGE

everything you need in one place, for free, forever

With UPBGE you just need to follow these steps:

(and you don’t even need to learn other software)

Have an idea

Take some time to think about your amazing game idea.

Create your Art

Create some amazing 3D stuff, with animation, textures, lights, everything you want.

Build the Logic

Build your logic using visual scripting or python scripts.


Then do wathever you want: share it, sell, showcase, it’s yours!

Games created using UPBGE:

Caveman Stories

In Caveman Stories you control a Caveman who, at the beginning of an ice age, got lost from his tribe and now must fight to survive and find a way back home. You will not want to miss this adventure!

Developer: Uniday Studio    Page: [Click Here]


An open source skateboarding game.

Developer: Shuvit    Page: [Click Here]

Tennis Z

There is a zombie apocalypse going on and the best thing that you can do to survive is create a solid friendship with these creatures! So you decided to call one of them to play Tennis!

Developer: Uniday Studio    Page: [Click Here]

Survive in the Lost World

A survival game that takes place on a small island. You will have to build your base and defend it against the attacks of robots with armed artificial intelligence. The more enemies you destroy the more points you will gain.

Developer: Golden Games    Page: [Click Here]


A war scene made using UPBGE 0.2.3.

Developer: Uniday Studio    Video: [Click Here] 

What are you waiting for?

Get Started

Don’t know where to start? There is an awesome manual showing you the basics. So you can start from here.

Python API

In the following page you will get access to all the Python API needed to write your own game using UPBGE.


Are you ready?

Download UPBGE 0.2.4 for Windows (64 bit) for free right now and start creating your games!


UPBGE (Uchronia Project Blender Game Engine) is a fork of Blender created by Porteries Tristan (a Blender Game Engine developer) and some of his friends in September 2015.

It’s an independent branch, and its aim is to clean up and improve current Blender Game Engine (BGE) code, experiment with new features, and implement forgotten features that currently exist but have not been merged with the official Blender trunk.

Currently, after the Blender Foundation’s decision to delete BGE from next 2.8 release UPBGE becomes, de facto, the only one to follow the development of the Game Engine. This gives us even more freedom, if possible, to make certain decisions, since we will never, in any way, come into conflict with the official version.

You can access the source code here:

This website

This landing page was a courtesy of Uniday Studio. The links for the Python API and Windows download was a courtesy of Shuvit.org and the Manual a coursesy of Joel Gomes.

Jacob Merrill also provides a link for the latest UPBGE version (Master on github) for both Linux and Windows (64):

Portuguese Tutorials

If you speak portuguese, Uniday Studio provides a HUGE amount of free courses and content to help you to develop your own games: